SQL Server vs PostgreSQL


We compare two database giants, SQL Server and PostgreSQL, to help guide you in deciding which is best for your system and business scenario.

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Smarter Clever Automation for Schools

What is Clever automation? Most schools in the USA will have at least considered Clever automation for helping to synchronize their systems. Clever is a great product and is offered free for districts. As they state on their website, “schools faced high implementation costs: too much time spent formatting and troubleshooting CSV files; the risk…

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Microsoft Power Automate, How To Re-assign Desktop RPA Flows


Sometimes you may need to change the owner of a Desktop RPA ( Robotic Process Automation) flow in Power Automate. To do this, log on to the Power Apps console and follow the screenshot steps below: 1. View current flow details 2. Access the solution hosting the flow; this is likely to be the default…

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Oracle Reports Custom Job Queue Page

This custom page will brings the SHOWJOBS page on authentication (As advised by Oracle Doc ID – Oracle Support Document 2712409.1 (How to Hide AUTHID Parameter Credentials When Run RWServlet Commands Like Showjobs, Showenv With Secured Reports Server). <html> <! — Optional: Use Back ground color as Black in parameter form –> <!–body bgcolor=”black”<font size=10…

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Schools multi system enrolment

Automated solutions for schools

Lake Wales Charter Schools Multi-System Enrolment Automated Synchronization BAS Technologies provide custom automated multi system enrolment and synchronization for schools. This is the story of how we helped the team at Lake Wales win back some of their time and reducing the burden of enrolments across multiple systems. The customer     Lake Wales Charter Schools…

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Progressive Web Apps explained

Progressive Web Apps

The all-in-one web solution for all devices Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are websites on steroids, they can empower your business to do more with less effort. If you want a website and apps that work on any device without the need to register with app stores then a PWA is for you. PWAs have been…

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Expanding knowledge and learning opportunities

Improving life through education Educations is key to improving our lives and the lives of our children. In Florida, the Department of Education’s Strategic Plan and their B.E.S.T standards program is focused on providing world class education for their state. Florida Department of Education’s Strategy Mission The mission of Florida’s K-20 education system is to…

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