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Personalized Database Systems Management

Data is in the heart of your business, From daily operations to executive decision making, your success is increasingly dependent on your database systems performing consistently and efficiently. Your data has huge potential in driving business growth, improving services and reducing costs however releasing this potential can be a burden for many companies. BAS Technologies specialize in enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of your data systems through managed services and project support. This releases resources to focus on your business and get increased value out of your IT investments.

Bespoke Applications and Data Analysis Solutions

You will have more than one software in your systems already but do you have one that gives a view over all of the others? All your information available in one place to enable you to make critical data driven decisions real-time. 

Managed Services Your Way

Today’s business customers expect 24/7 access to online systems. That means you need a team of database systems specialists available around the clock every day of the year. A full managed service for your systems may be one way of resolving this but there are many other levels of engagement that might fit your business model better – have a tailored solution that your business will benefit from.

Adding Value To Your Team

By supplementing your team with our services you can join our clients in saving $720,000 per year in direct costs compared with hiring a full time in house database team, a few other advantages of partnering with us are:

  • Faster project delivery
  • Have 24/7 support
  • Access a wider range of technical knowledge
  • Stay focused on your core business
  • Be compliant and secure

We only partner with clients where we can add value to their business, this is as important to us as it is to you. We want you to have the best value out of your IT investments and make them work for your business. Many companies are losing money and opportunity daily by not realizing the benefits of their existing systems, we do not want you to have the same problems.

Your Database Experts

Your database system experts provided for your team are carefully selected for their expertise and ability to go the extra mile. They create procedures not just follow them, they advise and create solutions that will work for your scenario. You will have consultants and technicians available every hour of every day to strategize, design, implement and support your database systems and projects.

Partnering For You

We partner to benefit our customers and ensuring that maintaining an excellent understanding of the products with a quality customer relationship has ensured continued business and referrals. To achieve this quality of service, BAS Technologies has partnered with major vendors such as Dell, Seagate, Microsoft and Oracle. In leveraging our partnerships, keeping current through insights and training programs we ensure that we can provide our customers with quality service and advice.

Explore Your Future

Your business has opportunities to grow and improve through your database systems, you have opportunities to make a difference. As industry-recognized experts in Oracle, Microsoft, AWS and other enterprise systems, BAS Technologies understand how to empower businesses like yours through efficient and effective data solutions, we can enable you to build your future. Contact us now to explore how!

Personalized Solutions

You get a nominated team member who will learn your systems and understand your business.

Student enrollment simplified

Multi-system synchronization – no more manual processing of spreadsheets!

Interoperability solutions

Automate and integrate to get the data you need in one place!

LA sunset

Data system specialists

Creating opportunities to drive your business growth.


BAS Technologies offer managed services, project support and supplementary services to assist your organization.

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BAS Technologies are a privately owned international group of technology companies with offices in Gold Coast, Queensland AU and Orlando. Florida USA.

Established on the Gold Coast in 2013, BAS Technologies provide managed services and project support specializing in database systems across health, government, retail and education sectors.

The Australian Gold Coast company, BAS Technologies Pty Ltd, was founded and owned by Simon and Amanda Smith as a Business Systems Consultancy in July 2013. Simon and Amanda subsequently founded the sister company BAS Technologies LLC based in Orlando, Florida in June 2016 to work with customers based in America and expanding the team capabilities. The organization has now grown to be a family of 17 team members supporting the common goal of giving our customers personalized, quality infrastructure software support services so that they can spend more time to focus on the success of their business.

BAS Technologies are also honored to have such a great range of customers, their continued support is critical to our business in supporting them. The relationships with our valued customers has been priceless and we are very thankful to them for helping our network growing through referrals and our reputation in providing quality support services. At BAS Technologies, the importance of excellent understanding of the products and quality customer relationship has ensured continued business and referrals. To maintain this quality of service BAS Technologies has partnered with major vendors such as Dell, Seagate, Microsoft and Oracle leveraging our partnerships in keeping current through insights and training programs to ensure that we can provide our customers with quality advice.

If you want to learn more about BAS Technologies then contact us now and perhaps you may join us in our journey.

Industry experience

BAS Technologies have been providing specialist support for Education, Healthcare and Retail since 2013.


Working with major brands such as Billabong, Lorna Jane and MDKL, our team has provided back office support and development for their back-office ERP and data warehouse systems. Our solutions have helped the retail support and finance teams increase the efficiency of their systems to provide real time store sales analysis and supply chain automation. Our team has capability from POS system hardware through to cloud based analytics to take your business to the next level.


Education was our first industry specialization. We have developed solutions and support the systems of over 150 schools. Working together with their support and teaching staff, we have helped shaping student lives, nurturing individuals and encouraging each student to realize their full potential. As subject matter experts, BAS Technologies have designed, implemented and support the Oracle database and application infrastructure for three-tier HRIS and two-tier Learning Management System (LMS). We also work with our clients to create centralized reporting solutions and bespoke applications to support their organization’s specific needs saving their staff hours of work and improving service. Our solutions enable the teaching team to support their students in identifying issues early and reducing the need for parent-teacher meetings.


BAS Technologies are experienced solution providers with expertise in both private and public health systems, delivering a quality patient experience. Providing world class quality services to our clients, we listen carefully to our clients and provide them with the services they require. Servicing the needs of our customers and quality customer service are core values to our business. Our experienced team have had long careers across a wide and varied range of technologies in supporting business systems, implementing practical solutions that support businesses in doing what they do best. We partner with major vendors to ensure that our staff have access to appropriate resources in consulting and assisting our clients. This also allows us to provide solutions that will leverage the benefits of new technologies to deliver results that exceed expectations and enable data driven business decisions.

What our customers say

BAS Technologies are also honored to have such a great range of customers, we value their continued support.

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