Oracle Reports Custom Job Queue Page

This custom page will brings the SHOWJOBS page on authentication (As advised by Oracle Doc ID – Oracle Support Document 2712409.1 (How to Hide AUTHID Parameter Credentials When Run RWServlet Commands Like Showjobs, Showenv With Secured Reports Server).


<! — Optional: Use Back ground color as Black in parameter form –>
<!–body bgcolor=”black”<font size=10 face=”arial”–>


<!– Use red as text color with font size as 10–>
<font color=”red”><font size=10 face=”arial”>

<! — parameter form title –>
<h1><blink>Customized SHOWJOBS Form </blink><h1></font>

<!–Form Action is rwservlet URL–>
<form method=post action=”http://YOUR_HOST:YOUR_PORT/reports/rwservlet/showjobs?”>

<!–Parameters not exposed to user are hidden–>
<input name=”hidden_run_parameters” type=hidden value=”report_secure”>

<font color=”black”><font size=8 face=”arial”>
Reports Server Name:
<INPUT name=server type=text value=”YOUR_REPORTS_SERVER_NAME”><BR>

Authentication AdminUser/Password:
<INPUT name=authid type=text value=”YOUR_WEBLOGIC_USER/YOUR_PASSWORD”><BR>

<HR><INPUT type=submit value=”Show Jobs Queue!”>

<td><input type=reset></td>



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