Expanding knowledge and learning opportunities

Improving life through education

Educations is key to improving our lives and the lives of our children. In Florida, the Department of Education’s Strategic Plan and their B.E.S.T standards program is focused on providing world class education for their state.

Florida Department of Education’s Strategy

Florida's BEST Standards


The mission of Florida’s K-20 education system is to increase the proficiency of all students within one seamless efficient system, by allowing them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through learning opportunities and research valued by students, parents and communities.


Florida will have an efficient world-class education system that engages and prepares all students to be globally competitive for college and careers.


  1. Higher Student Achievement
  2. Seamless Articulation and Maximum Access
  3. Skilled Workforce and Economic Development
  4. Quality Efficient Services

Challenges for educators and students

Key challenges for everyone in education in achieving higher standards are Resources, Budget and Time – that means staff, students and support teams need all the help they can get!

How can we help?

You already have a mass of software systems competing against each other and sometimes causing a lot of manual effort to make them fit you students and your school. Monitoring progress and reporting on performance may not be as smooth as you would like it.

What if you had all your data in one place? What if your staff did not have to move files around manually just to keep systems in sync? What if you could add your own custom solutions and reporting? What if you could catch students before they fall?

All this can happen and can give students a more tailored learning experience with your expertise and insights. You need to access and enhance the data in your systems to create the information that will help plan your strategies, measure outcomes and plan resources. Consolidated information resources give you time to use more effectively in helping our students achieve their goals. …and this is where we can help!

We have helped schools get more out of their existing systems and created new solutions that replaced expensive software over engineered for their requirements. We automate the integration of the vast array of software services being used and provide the opportunity to enrich the data with a single view across all your systems. Best of all, we can adapt to your budget. If raising funds for projects is a challenge then you could stage your solution to keep within your monthly budget, fast results with low costs and the flexibility to shrink or expand spend as you please.

We are BAS Technologies, we want to help you work smarter to improve the future for our students and to have a better quality of life.  Contact us now to learn more, you may be surprised!

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