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The all-in-one web solution for all devices.

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The all-in-one web solution for all devices.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are websites on steroids, they can empower your business to do more with less effort. If you want a website and apps that work on any device without the need to register with app stores then a PWA is for you.

PWAs have been widely adopted by major vendors to support their business online, Uber, Pinterest, Twitter, BMW and Starbucks are a few examples.

PWAs are web apps developed using a number of specific technologies and standard patterns to allow them to take advantage of both web and native app features. For example, web apps are more discoverable than native apps; it’s a lot easier and faster to visit a website than to install an application, and you can also share web apps by sending a link.

  • Discoverable – the contents can be found through search engines.
  • Installable – available on the device’s home screen or app launcher.
  • Linkable – you can share it by sending a URL.
  • Network independent – works offline or with a poor network connection.
  • Progressively enhanced -it’s still usable on a basic level on older browsers, but fully-functional on the latest ones.
  • Re-engageable – it’s able to send notifications whenever there’s new content available.
  • Responsively designed -it’s usable on any device with a screen and a browser—mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, refrigerators, etc.
  • Secure – the connections between the user, the app, and your server are secured against any third parties trying to get access to sensitive data.

Our PWA options:


  • PWA with multi-device support
  • Client and Server Web application
  • Application database
  • User security
  • Role based security
  • Email integration
  • Rapid application design
  • Up to 5 custom pages
  • Up to 5 custom database entities (for example in a simple CRM; Contacts, Opportunities, Opportunity Status, Task and Task Status)
  • Up to 500 registered users
  • Unlimited unregistered users (fair usage on bandwidth applies)
  • 1 year free hosting
  • Managed CDN
  • SSL Certificate
  • Custom Domain


Starter features plus

  • Up to 15 custom pages
  • Up to 15 custom database entities 
  • Up to 2000 registered users


Grower features plus

  • Up to 20 custom pages
  • Up to 20 custom database entities 
  • Up to 5000 registered users


Please contact us to discuss your business needs and specialized quotations. 

What to expect on purchasing our PWA product:

  1. Introductory email to set up planning meeting
  2. A virtual or in person meeting to discuss your needs
  3. Project support and communication
  4. A fully functional custom PWA for your business that can be accessed online on any device

Not sure? We have some short demo videos at


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