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Supporting the Retail Industry

Back-Office Support & Development

BAS Technologies has provided support and development for back-office ERP and data warehouse systems for the past several years. Our solutions have helped retail support and finance teams increase the efficiency of their systems to provide real-time store sales analysis and supply chain automation. Our dedication to uncompromising quality and customer service has earned our business with notable retail brands, such as Billabong, Lorna Jane, and MDKL. Learn more about how BAS Technologies can help streamline your retail company.

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Since 2013, BAS Technologies has provided technology solutions to various industries, including retail. Our work enhancing the retail industry in this time has included:

  • Helping retail support and finance team increase system efficiency
  • Providing support to back-office ERP and data warehouse systems
  • Setting up systems to provide real-time store sales analysis and supply chain analysis
  • Implementing POS system hardware and software
  • Managing cloud-based analytics
  • Designing, implementing, and supporting the Oracle Database System

The team at BAS Technologies has the tools and experience you need to manage your database systems, workflow, sales, and more. Learn more about what we can offer your retail business today!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

BAS Technologies’ mission is to improve the way your retail business functions. We want to streamline your business logistics, giving you easy access to reports, sales, and other real-time data. This allows you to stop tracking everything yourself and get back to serving your customers. Trust BAS Technologies to do the heavy lifting with our custom applications designed to fit your workflow.

If you want to learn more about BAS Technologies and how we can enhance your education system, contact us today. We look forward to helping with your questions and concerns and hope that your business will join the BAS family on our journey.