Oracle Web Tier 11g Compatibility View Pop Up

Oracle Web Tier Compatibility View Pop Up

After installing Oracle 11g Web Tier products with ADF either seperately or as part of a larger packaged product, the following pop up message may appear in the browser when trying to connect to a web application.

“The current compatibility setting is not supported.Disable Compatibility View before running this web page.”

To remove this pop up carry out the following steps:
1. Shut down the WebLogic Managed servsers and Admin server
2. For version, apply Oracle patch 14264307 to the oracle_common home. This introduces a context parameter which is already part of subsequent Oracle releases.
3. Now the tricky bit, identify your application’s web.xml file and add the following context parameter:

This will require access to the code and may require support from the application vendor.

4. Restart the WebLogic Admin and Managed Servers and redeploy the modified application files.

Good luck!

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