Spreadsheets to enterprise applications

Spreadsheets are very useful tools to manipulate and analyze data, they can even be extended to apply logic and process flows, but are they the right tool for your business-critical decisions?

  • Creating and managing spreadsheets is very time consuming. A survey by Excel with Business found finance and R&D professionals spend 3 hours a day on spreadsheets that is over 3 months a year!
  • FP&A Trends report that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors
  • Spreadsheets have the functionality for most of what you want and a lot of what you do not want but seldom do they have everything you need
  • Spreadsheets don’t support real-time updates
  • Multiuser access is extremely problematic
  • Multiple unconnected spreadsheets cause data trust issues, are Bob’s figures correct or are Jane’s the real truth?
  • Changes and version control are difficult to maintain. Accidentally applying last year’s tax rules to this year’s figures could be confusing.
  • Security, privacy and compliance are not easy to implement and manage
  • Spreadsheets have limited capabilities for data visualization

There comes a time when the spreadsheet needs to scale to meet your business needs but what is holding you back?

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considering that you are spending about $20k a year for one person to live in spreadsheets, it’s surprising that cost is an issue.

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software development is notoriously slow, the business cannot wait.

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costs and management of licenses can be a burden.

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Flexibility and Customization

you are unlikely to be able to adjust off the shelf products to suit your business processes.

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Working with rapid development technologies, our team can develop custom, enterprise scalable solutions within a few days significantly reducing costs and providing you ownership of a solution for your business. From just $699, your application will reduce the amount of time spent in spreadsheets and increase productivity as well as overcoming the shortfalls of spreadsheets in a business.

You can host the application yourself or use one of our hosting options from just $99 a month.

The catch? Once delivered, the code is yours and you will need a code developer to make any changes in the future. Considering that only 28% of 45,000 office workers correctly answered an Excel questionnaire by LondonLovesBusiness.com then it would be fair to assume that having expert help would save your business a lot of time and money. We also offer support packages giving access to a wide range of technical skills whilst keeping the cost of ownership low.

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