SCRIPT – our values in an acronym. It is important to us that our team act in accordance with these values for the benefit of everyone we connect with.


Our service and behaviour must be suitable to the recipient without bias or discrimination. In service delivery, we deliver what we feel will be the best outcome for the recipient in a timely manner.


We have access to confidential information every day through many sources at personal, technical and business levels. We ensure that this information is not shared beyond the boundaries of the audience expected by the information owner.


We deliver on our promises and those made by our team. We strive to deliver on time, every time.


We are honest and have strong moral principles which is essential to generate a trust in relationships both within our team and with our wider network.


We approach others with respect. We provide positive input, treating others as we want to be treated. We accept responsibility for our actions with no excuses.


We support our decisions and actions through clear reasoning having no hidden motives.


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