The Australian Gold Coast company, BAS Technologies Pty Ltd, was founded and owned by Simon and Amanda Smith as an Business Systems Consultancy in July 2013. Simon and Amanda subsequently founded the sister company BAS Technologies LLC based in Orlando, Florida in June 2016 to work with customers based in America and expanding the team capabilities. The organization has now grown to be a family of 14 team members supporting the common goal of giving our customers personalized, quality infrastructure software services so that they can spend more time to focus on the success of their business.

A Royal Navy veteran having served 17 years leading and managing technical teams in support of leading aviation technologies, BAS Technologies co-founder, Simon, entered the commercial IT industry with a wealth of experience already behind him. Commercial experience working with military, government, telco, retail, education and health organizations supporting and consulting on information systems has resulted in a well-rounded knowledge of both the businesses and the technologies. With the constant shift in technology and the increasing desire of businesses to outsource, it became clear that there is a need for a personalized service, someone to trust, someone that can relate to the business and be a member of their team, someone that is across a range of technologies and can be product agnostic in solutions design. That is the inspiration behind BAS Technologies, a company that works with you and is interested in helping to make your business a success through quality support and consultancy.

Co-Founder Amanda brings administrative skills and industry knowledge gained from a great depth of experience in healthcare, retail and education. Her nursing experience included many areas of health at hospitals and care agencies including aged care. She has worked with children who have very special needs in their care and education which was particularly rewarding in being able to make a positive impact on their lives. Amanda also successfully established and managed a child care business, providing educational day care for pre-school and young school children.

As CEO, Simon is now using his highly versatile range of management and business skills to nurture and mentor the team at BAS Technologies, growing the skills and culture needed to provide the best quality personalized services that set us apart from our competitors. He supports the team sharing his invaluable expertise in business process and in depth technical knowledge across many tiers including architecting, delivering and supporting solutions. With core technical skills in database systems, Simon has guided migration, integration and business intelligence projects to success through the full life cycle, from inception to implementation and transition, effectively engaging the stakeholders and project teams at all levels in driving projects to outcomes that often exceed expectations.

It is often said that the most valuable asset of any company are the employees and we are no exception. We are privileged to have a great multi-disciplined team with strong skills and positive work ethics collaborating with each other, our customers and partners to provide excellent quality service. Our experienced consultants have had long careers across a wide and varied range of technologies in supporting business systems, implementing practical solutions that support businesses in doing what they do best. The dedication of our staff and their customer focus ensures that our customers get a first class, personalized service.

BAS Technologies are also honored to have such a great range of customers, their continued support is critical to our business in supporting them. The relationships with our valued customers has been priceless and we are very thankful to them for helping our network growing through referrals and our reputation in providing quality support services. At BAS Technologies, the importance of excellent understanding of the products and quality customer relationship has ensured continued business and referrals. To maintain this quality of service BAS Technologies has partnered with major vendors such as Dell, Seagate, Microsoft and Oracle leveraging our partnerships in keeping current through insights and training programs to ensure that we can provide our customers with quality advice.

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