The importance of health checks

Most commonly an IT health check is seen as a security assessment of your infrastructure. This is extremely important but should not be the end of the story. It is a good idea to have specialist health checks across your technology stack to have a more complete picture of your inventory, vulnerabilities, compliance and return on investment.

Internal IT team

When your own team run health checks, they will look for issues that they already know about. In fact, they should have already fixed them! It’s useful to do this exercise as it may highlight process problems, if your sys admin or DBA has not fixed something then there will be a reason why.

Managed Services

Many managed service providers will try and improve their efficiency by building regular health checks into their service. As a customer, you may receive health check reports from your MSP. Health checks are not up time or monitoring reports though.

Third party health checks

Having regular health checks from third party specialists is very important. These would come from several independent specialists including network, server, storage, back up, database, applications and desktop. They should be in addition to internal or MSP health checks in order to capture items that maybe were not noticed before or to go deep in specific technologies.

IT health checks are not enough

Just running IT health checks do not normally go deep into best practice, compliance or configuration. Going to the next level will help:

  • Compliance
  • System and business performance
  • Productivity
  • Increase ROI
  • Security
  • Business continuity
  • Systems availability
  • IT strategy
  • Project planning and innovation
  • Save costs on infrastructure and licenses


Specialist health checks are seen as a good investment throughout your business, so why not in IT?

BAS Technologies have helped our clients save thousands of dollars through server, database and application health checks – an immediate return on investment as well as all the other benefits of having secure, compliant and efficient systems!

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