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Oracle Database SE2 High Availabilty

Oracle have announced the
general availability of Standard Edition High Availability (SEHA) on Linux,
Microsoft Windows and Solaris with Oracle Database 19c, Release Update (RU) 19.7.

It benefits from the cluster
capabilities and storage solutions that are already part of Oracle Grid
Infrastructure, such as Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Automatic Storage Management
(Oracle ASM) and Oracle ASM Cluster File System (Oracle ACFS). RAC is NOT
included in 19c SE2.


If you are using RAC in a
standard edition variant and want to upgrade to 19c or beyond then you must
either upgrade to enterprise edition (EE), convert to a single instance or move
to the Oracle cloud.

Oracle SE2

Database Standard Edition 2 has been the cost-effective production use data
base product for Oracle and superseded the previous SE and SE One editions in
2015. Here is an excerpt from the SE2 licensing as an overview of the requirements:

“Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 may only be licensed on
servers that have a maximum capacity of 2 sockets. When used with Oracle Real
Application Clusters, Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 may only be licensed
on a maximum of 2 one-socket servers. In addition, notwithstanding any
provision in Your Oracle license agreement to the contrary, each Oracle
Database Standard Edition 2 database may use a maximum of 16 CPU threads at any
time. When used with Oracle Real Application Clusters, each Oracle Database
Standard Edition 2 database may use a maximum of 8 CPU threads per instance at
any time. The minimums when licensing by Named User Plus (NUP) metric are 10
NUP licenses per server.”

of SE2

  • Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2)
    replaced SE and SE1 from version
  • SE2 has a limitation of maximum 2 socket
    systems and a total of 16 CPU threads – cores are not counted toward the
  • SE2 is hard coded in Resource Manager to use no
    more than 16 CPU threads.
  • RAC was included with SE2 in 12c and 18c but is
    restricted to 2 sockets across the cluster. Therefore, each Server must be
    single socket. One socket occupied in a two-socket server for RAC is
    not recognized!
  • SE One and SE were no longer available to purchase from
    10th November 2015.
  • If you need to purchase additional DB SE and SE One Licenses you
    must purchase SE2 instead.
  • Oracle is offering a free license migration from SE
    One* and SE to SE2.
  • *SE One customers will have to pay a 20% increase in support as
    part of the migration.
  • SE customers face no other cost increases for license or
    support, subject to Named User minimums being met.
  • Named user minimums for SE2 are now 10 per server
  • All the usual warnings about Oracle and VMware still exist.
  • was the last SE and SE1 release
  • If SE1, SE or SE2 licenses are to be deployed in the Oracle
    Cloud 1 Processor license is equal to 4 OCPU.

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