HPE LTO-6 Ultrium 6.25 TB BaFe RW Data Cartridge


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With unbroken market leadership stretching back more than six years (according to Santa Clara Consulting Group) HP is the most popular LTO Ultrium media in the world. That’s because HP tapes offer outstanding quality and reliability for every tape drive and every backup and archiving scenario. In 2011, HP carried out over 2.6 million hours of testing, covering all aspects of tape usage; from full volume backups and archiving to rigorous environmental interchange tests. Backed by this uncompromising media qualification process, HP Ultrium data cartridges support all HP StoreEver Ultrium and non HP Ultrium tape devices. Assuming 2.5:1 compression, the latest sixth Generation products minimize interruption to network and SAN backup by being capable of protecting 1.45TB/hour of data and storing up to 6.25 TB on one piece of media (290% greater capacity than HP LTO-4 Ultrium tapes).

  • Faster back up and disaster recovery of applications supporting active archive, compliance, data preservation, scale-out NAS, cloud storage, and huge data
  • LTO 6 tape technology – Offers unmatched sturdiness and stores data for longer periods making it the perfect device for archiving
  • 6.25 TB of compressed storage capacity, helps reduce quantities of cartridges and the amount of equipment, space and labor related to tape-based data storage
  • 2.50 TB native storage capacity for long-term storage

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ENTERPRISE, Hewlett, Packard

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6.25, BaFe, Cartridge, Data, LTO-6, RW, TB, Ultrium

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