Compatible 6 cell (4400 mAh) battery for Toshiba Satellite L515; M300; M305; M500; T110; T130; U400


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This new Premium Power Products compatible Battery by eReplacements is 100% compatible with your original battery. eReplacements batteries all come with a 1 year warranty and will meet or exceed the original battery specifications. They are manufactured for high performance in our ISO 9000 factories using the best quality cells and most up to date safety and engineering control standards such as High/low temperature shut off protection, thermal runaway protection, overcharge shut off protection, discharge shut off protection, cell imbalance shut off protection, fire resistant plastic casing. They are manufactured using the most up to date TI chip set. Thousands of resellers, dealers and service companies over the years have trusted eReplacements to provide their customers with quality replacement batteries.

  • Proprietary Battery Size battery – A convenient spare for your notebook, giving you peace of mind
  • Can be used multiple times, hence saving your money
  • Smaller and lighter than other rechargeable batteries, proving ideal for portable devices
  • 10.8 V DC battery – Ensures a steady and uninterrupted supply to your notebook

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 9.70 × 3.80 × 2.10 in

eReplacements, LLC

Brand Name

Power, Premium, Products


C655, L515, L515-S4925, L515-S4928, L515D, M300, M300-021, M300-034, M300-EZ1001V, M300-EZ1001X, M300-HF5, M300-S1002V, M300-S1002X, M300-ST3401, M300-ST3402, M300-ST3403, M300-ST4060, M305, M305-S4815, M305-S4819, M305-S4820, M305-S4822, M305-S4826, M305-S4835, M305-S4848, M305-S4860, M305-S49052, M305-S4907, M305-S4910, M305-S4915, M305-S4920, M305-S49201, M305D, M305D-S4828, M305D-S4829, M305D-S4830, M305D-S4831, M305D-S48331, M305D-S4840, M305D-S4844, M305D-S48441, M500, M500-ST5401, M500-ST6421, M505, M505-S4940, M505-S4945, M505-S4947, M505-S4949, M505-S4972, M505-S4975, M505-S4990, M505D, M505D-S4930, M800, M800-056, M800-076, M800-106, M801, T110, T110-107, T110-11U, T110-11V, T130, T130-11G, T130-11H, T130-11J, T130-12N, T130-12Z, T130-132, T130-13K, T130-13L, T130-13M, T130-13N, T130-13Q, T130-14M, T130-14Q, T130-14U, U400, U400-060, U400-061, U400-108, U400-10H, U400-11V, U400-124, U400-126, U400-127, U400-12Y, U400-130, U400-13A, U400-13T, U400-142, U400-145, U400-146, U400-14B, U400-153, U400-15B, U400-15E, U400-15I, U400-17O, U400-17Q, U400-189, U400-18L, U400-18S, U400-217, U400-22N, U400-232, U400-23X, U400-246, U400-BA1, U400-BA3, U400-DW2, U400-RW2, U400-RW9, U400-S1001V, U400-S1001X, U400-S2820, U400-ST3301, U400-ST3302, U400-ST5404, U400-ST6301, U405, U405-S2817, U405-S2824, U405-S2826, U405-S2830, U405-S2833, U405-S2854, U405-S2856, U405-S2878, U405-S2882, U405-S2911, U405-S2915, U405-S29151, U405-S2918, U405-S2920, U405-ST550W, U405D, U405D-S2846, U405D-S2848, U405D-S2850, U405D-S2852, U405D-S2863, U405D-S2870, U405D-S2874, U405D-S2902, U405D-S2910, U500, U500-10U, U500-10X, U500-10Z, U500-11G, U500-12C, U500-176, U500-178, U500-186, U500-18T, U500-18U, U500-18V, U500-1CN, U500-ST5302, U500-ST6321, U505, U505-S2008, U505-S2075, U505-S2940, U505-S2960, U505-S2970

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Environmentally Friendly


Limited Warranty

1, Year


eReplacements, LLC

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1, Box, White

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Battery, for, Laptops, Toshiba

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